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Permeation Enhancement Technology

The Path to Improved Drug Benefits - Permeation enhancement with CPE-215 is the drug delivery technology of CPEX. It has been proven to enhance the absorption of drugs through the nasal mucosa, skin and eye. It can be adapted to products formulated as creams, ointments, gels, solutions, sprays or patches. CPE-215 also has maintained a record of safety as a direct and indirect food additive and fragrance, and is listed on the FDA’s inactive ingredient list for approved use in drug applications. We believe that potential key benefits of the patented drug delivery formulation technology of CPEX using CPE-215 may include the following therapeutic and commercial opportunities and advantages:

  • Improved compliance and convenience to patients requiring ongoing injection therapies and the potential for earlier acceptance of prophylactic treatment for patients reluctant to use injections;
  • Application to injectable peptides that could be administered intranasally with CPE-215;
  • Application to therapeutic molecules that are degraded by passage through the liver or would benefit from intra-nasal administration to eliminate first-pass metabolism;
  • Application to a variety of metabolic, neurological and other serious medical conditions;
  • Opportunities for life-cycle extension strategies for existing marketed products;
  • Opportunities for allowing product differentiation based on benefits of administration.

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