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CPEX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company, incorporated in the state of Delaware, with principal executive offices located at 1105 North Market Street, Suite 1300, Wilmington, Delaware. We are in the business of identifying license partners to pursue research and development of pharmaceutical products utilizing our validated drug delivery platform technology. We have U.S. and international patents and other proprietary rights to technology that facilitates the absorption of drugs. Our platform drug delivery technology enhances permeation and absorption of pharmaceutical molecules across the skin, nasal mucosa and eye through development of proprietary formulations with molecules such as CPE-215®. Our first product is Testim®, a gel for testosterone replacement therapy, which is a formulation of our technology with testosterone. Testim is licensed to Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Auxilium”), which is currently marketing it in the United States, Europe and other countries. We have an additional licensed application with Serenity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Serenity") for Ser-120, a product candidate for the treatment of nocturia. Ser-120, which is currently in multiple Phase 3 trials, utilizes our patented intranasal drug delivery technology. In 2010, Allergan, Inc. assumed our exclusive license agreement with Serenity.

We believe, based upon our experience with Testim and Ser-120, that our technology has the ability to significantly enhance the permeation of a wide range of therapeutic molecules. To expand the development and commercialization of products using our technology, we are pursuing strategic alliances with partners including large pharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The alliance opportunities may include co-development of products, in-licensing of therapeutic molecules, out-licensing of delivery technology or partnering late-stage candidates for commercialization.